Five Senses Week 1 Day 1

A new group of campers arrived at the farm today! With the sun shining, we quickly started our day because we had so much to do!

Of course, a camp at the farm would not be complete without a visit to see all of our animals! We headed out to see the goats, sheep, llama, and cows in the lower barn. We got to play with our goats and pet all the soft animals. We saw the mother goat being milked, and got to take a look at and pet our cows! We discussed the smells, the feeling of the animals, and even some of the foods that the animals eat on the farm.

Then, we continued on to visit our bunnies. We said hello to our ponies and pigs as well! On our adventure, we even spotted some of the farm cats.

To get out of the hot sun, we headed inside the poultry barn where we saw, and got to hold, baby chicks, saw our piglets (who are not so little!), and said hello to our quails and adult chickens.

Our campers were so lucky and got to collect their own chicken eggs! They were so gentle and careful not to drop them.

Then, we headed inside the air conditioning to prepare some delicious fruit snacks to take home to eat on day two. We cut up bananas and apples - we even ate a couple pieces along the way!

Now, it was time for some of our campers favorite part of the day! We took a wagon ride out to a shady spot on the farm where we enjoyed a picnic lunch! After refueling, we got back on the wagon and headed out to the pumpkin patch where we found some huge rocks! We also explored and found some wild chamomile - it smelled so sweet!

Once back at the classroom, we created our very own farm stories with stickers - our campers told some amazing stories about the type of farms they would create and the animals they would have if they owned a farm.

Before going home for the day, we went back to visit our goats and give them a yummy treat. Our goats love to eat banana peels so we gave them our peels from earlier in the day.

After a hot, sunny day, it was time to say, "see you tomorrow!"

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