Farm on Foot Week 2 - Day 2

On Day Two of Farm on Foot, we did a lot of walking! Once everyone had arrived and had enough play time, we cleaned up to get ready for our hike out to the garden!

At the garden, we picked cherry tomatoes and zucchini! We carefully examined the plants to see which fruits and veggies were ripe enough to be harvested. We found lots of yellow and orange tomatoes and even found a couple giant zucchinis.

There are even herbs growing in a special garden bed that we were able to pick and smell. It made us all hungry! So, we ventured back inside to have a quick snack and a drink to cool off from our hard work harvesting.

After snack, we read a quick story and then explored the different houses and hidden spots on the farm. We saw the log cabin, the root cellar, and an old farmhouse. We learned about who lived in the houses before and what the root cellar used to store. Our curious campers did some good investigating to learn about the cool places on the farm.

It was then time for our daily wagon ride out to lunch. After a nice lunch, we used our bug jugs to create habitats for some creatures. Our campers used bug nets to find all sorts of creatures, exploring the areas all around the pumpkin patch. Some campers found spiders, moths, and grasshoppers. A couple campers even found some little toads!

It was time to head back to the classroom to cool off with our afternoon treat! We enjoyed some refreshing fruit and veggie popsicles before heading home for the day.

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