Farm on Foot Week 2 Day 3

It is the last day of Farm on Foot which means we are nearing the end of camp! We wanted to make this day a special one for our campers, so we did not waste any time in starting our day.

This morning, we got to ride horses! It was so much fun to experience the farm in this way - seeing the farm from high up on the horses was amazing! Our campers loved every second with one of our favorite farm animals!

We also got to take Indie, our baby goat, on a walk! He was so much fun to play with, and he sure is soft!

We played a matching game about animals and the tracks they leave in the mud. Our explorers are SO smart!

We also got to do some exploring this morning to collect flat items on the farm to create wax paper windows. We found cool leaves and plants - some of us even found tiny peacock feathers left by our shedding peacocks! What amazing finds!

We enjoyed a wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch where we had a picnic lunch. It was such nice weather outside which made our picnic all the more enjoyable.

What an amazing last day with this group of campers!

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