Farm on Foot Week 2 Day 2

We had another fun filled, adventurous day at camp! We are so excited to share everything we did today!

We visited the chicken coop this morning to say hello to our chickens and to investigate the eggs. We also got to investigate the different sizes of the birds in the poultry barn - the chickens, turkeys, and quails. We compared the footprint sizes of the birds, getting ready to learn about our own footprints.

For a morning snack, we enjoyed some delicious fruit smoothies to stay cool after our busy morning!

Since this is farm on foot, we decided to show off our footprints by making paint footprints on the sidewalk! Barnyard Buddies made such cute footprints and allowed us to do even more exploring around the farm!

After lunch, we got a very special surprise! One of our bunnies had babies a few weeks ago! They are just getting big enough to play - our barnyard buddies made a tight circle and got to play with one of the baby bunnies, making sure it did not hop away! The bunny was SO soft and cute! We had so much fun playing.

Before saying goodbye, we finished the day with a refreshing popsicle! What a fun day at camp!

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