Farm on Foot Week 2 Day 1

Today started our final week of camp for the entire summer! We are sad that our summer is coming to a close at Bowers Farm, but we were excited to meet our new campers for the week!

We started our day by doing some animal pose yoga. It helped get us familiar with the animals on the farm and how they act! It was also a lot of fun to see all our campers attempting the poses!

Then we made trail mix and read a story so we could have some energy for the rest of our adventures on the farm!

Then, we got to visit the animals. We headed into the lower barn where we got to milk a mom goat, see the baby cow, baby goat, sheep, and other goats on the farm. Our campers were super brave when milking the goat!

We also got a chance to pet the baby bunnies. They are SO fluffy! We also checked on the chickens and the turkeys.

Then, we got a chance to groom the pony, Patches!

Because of the rainstorm, there was a HUGE mud puddle that we saw our pigs, Happy and Barney, playing in. It looked like they were having a lot of fun.

We took a wagon ride out to the vernal pond by the garden. We brought a scoop net with us, and we found a ton of snails!

We ate lunch in the gazebo because the ground was too wet for a picnic in the pasture. After lunch, we hiked out to the woods to find nature treasures!

We ended the day with story time and free play before going home. We cannot wait for another day of camp with our wonderful explorers!

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