Farm on Foot Week 2 Day 1

We had another super special day at camp with a new group of campers! With the weather cooling off a little, we were able to do some fun exploring on the farm!

We started our day by heading out to see the animals. We saw our potbelly pigs and had a super special job to do in the lower barn. The mother goat needed to be milked, so we got to help! It was so much fun! We loved watching our campers learn about the goats and bravely take part.

We also got to groom our pony, Patches! It was a highlight of the day - Barnyard Buddies love seeing our ponies and helping them stay clean.

For a morning craft, we painted with mud to learn about pigs and how they stay cool in the mud on hot days! This meant that we had to go find some mud to paint with - once again, we went off exploring to find some dirt for our fun, unique craft! Then, we got to sit in the gazebo and paint to our hearts content!

After a wagon ride and lunch, we took a fun nature walk to start our super secret craft that will be finished on day two of camp! We hiked down into the shady woodlot and collected our craft supplies, stopping for cute pictures along the way!

With that, it was time to say, "see you tomorrow!"

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