Farm on foot week 2- day 1

Farm on Foot campers arrived at camp for a fun filled and tiring day. After everyone arrived and got to know each other, it was time to get to know some of the other living things on the farm – the animals!

As we headed out to visit the animals, we were greeted with monarch and swallowtail butterflies feasting on the pollen from the beautiful flowers. We then made it out to the barn where we met our goats, sheep, llama, and baby turkeys. We explored their home and their food. We even got to see the red peppers from the other farm camp milk one of the mother goats!

Since it was so hot outside, we took a break to cool off in the hay barn and talked about the hay – what animals eat hay and what kind of plant makes hay. While in the hay loft, we saw one of our farm cats, Miss Kay!

Then we headed on over to see our potbelly pigs. Our curious campers wondered why they liked to roll around in the mud. The mud acts as a sunblock and helps to keep the pigs cool in the hot summer sun.

We saw our bunny and fed him some grass and leaves – he happily ate as soon as the campers walked away. He is pretty shy!

We also saw our extremely cute ponies. We pet their noses and manes and discussed their food – they were eating hay!

It was time to visit the chickens! We saw our baby chicks that are only a few weeks old. Then we ventured inside the chicken coop to see the mother hens. We explored their nesting boxes and got to harvest eggs!

Once the eggs were all harvested, we headed back inside to cool off with water and a snack. Then, we decorated bug jugs to use for a special activity later on during camp.

Wagon ride time! We ventured out on the farm and hunted for a shade spot to have our picnic.

Once we ate, there was time for more exploring as we filled out a scavenger hunt and found lots of cool plants, insects, and animals on the farm!

The wagon took us back to the classroom for a special story and a refreshing snack. Smoothies! Our campers made delicious strawberry, blueberry, and banana smoothies with fresh Bowers Farm honey. After our special treat, it was time to go home and get ready for Day Two!

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