Farm On Foot Week 1 Day 3

Our last day of camp was much cooler than the first two - it allowed us to do some more exploring without blistering heat!

We headed out to the garden to see all the fruits and vegetables - we even got to pick and eat some. We saw the raised beds first and picked herbs including mint and dill! Yum! We also got to pick fresh raspberries, snap peas, and kale. After cleaning, we got to try our delicious treat!

The garden is such a fun place to explore! Some of our campers even got to play with worms; they were so brave.

We then enjoyed a nice, refreshing snack and did some running around to blow off some steam before our next activity.

After that, we took chalk outside and traced our footprints, coloring them in and decorating the sidewalk for all the parents to see when they came for pickup at the end of the day.

We also got to go to the chicken coop and harvest some chicken eggs. Our careful explorers were so gentle with the eggs so they did not break!

Once all the eggs had been harvested, it was time to get ready for our wagon ride and lunch. We took our wagon out to a shady spot by the pumpkin patch. While out there, we took binoculars, nets, and bug jugs to see what else we could find. Our explorers had some pretty amazing finds! We collected some fireflies, grasshoppers, and ants!

With lunch and some final exploration complete, we came back to the classroom and ended the day by making some delicious smoothies. In our smoothies, we put the fresh kale that we picked from the garden earlier that day!

After a busy day, it was time to say goodbye to our farm explorers!

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