Farm on Foot Week 1 - Day 3

The final day of Farm on Foot has arrived. There was still so much left to do and see on the farm before saying our final goodbyes to our amazing campers!

We started our day on the sidewalk using chalk to trace our feet and color them in like explorer footprints. The campers had so much fun decorating the sidewalk! Once we were done decorating, we got a chance to head over and see the goats.

Then, we grabbed bug nets, magnifying glasses, and hula hoops and headed back outside! We searched for flowers and insects and any cool treasures we could find on the ground! Before heading back inside to cool off, our campers got the chance to climb and play on the straw bales that were outside!

Then we came inside to cool off and play for a little. Our explorers got a pack of stickers and were able to create their own farm scenes with different animals and buildings.

It was then time to set off on a hike to lunch. We hiked down into the tree canopy and then onto a path through the forest to find our shady picnic spot! We walked up a pretty big hill, but the campers did such an amazing job!

After lunch, we rode the wagon that was waiting at our picnic spot to the pumpkin patch where we left our white sheet from the day before. We found a couple tracks – maybe a raccoon or squirrel!

Once the wagon brought us back to the classroom, we grabbed our dehydrated fruit from Day Two and the rest of our Trail Mix – sunflower seeds, pretzels, marshmallows, and rice cereal – and rode the wagon over to a big hill. We hiked up the hill to enjoy our snack. After that, it was time to say our sad, final goodbyes.

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