Farm on Foot Week 1 - Day 2

What a beautiful day at the farm! Our explorers came ready and excited to participate in more farm activities.

We first headed straight to the garden where our campers got to pick kale, carrots, and raspberries! On our walk, we stopped in the shade to cool off before continuing on our adventure in the sun. Our campers also explored the raised garden beds by the classroom where spinach, tomatoes, and some flowers are growing!

Next, it was time to prepare a delicious snack that will be ready to eat on Day Three – a special explorer snack! We cut up apples, bananas, and strawberries to put in the dehydrator – they will become super sweet and yummy, almost like a gummy.

Then we took a minute to breathe, get some water, and enjoy a small snack to get back some energy! The campers then had time to play, color, and read stories before heading back into the sun.

We trekked off for our second wagon ride to a new shady spot for lunch! After eating, we used our bug jugs to build habitats for the insects. Then we were able to use some bug nets to catch all sorts of creatures! Some of our campers caught inch worms, caterpillars, moths, and someone even caught a giant grasshopper!

Then we loaded back on the tractor to get to our new location. We arrived at the pumpkin patch where we all picked a rock that we spread out along the edge of a white sheet. On Day Three we will check to see if any animals walk across the sheet and leave tracks!

Once we got back from our wagon ride, it was almost time to leave! But of course, we first had to make smoothies using the kale and raspberries that we picked in the morning. They were delicious!

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