Farm on Foot Week 1 Day 1

The second day of our explorer camp was another hot day! It did not stop us from doing our farm explorations. Barnyard Buddies had a BUSY day!

We started by taking the wagon to the Farm Activity Building where we hiked through the plot of land that serves as an ice rink in the winter. Once we arrived, we took hula hoops and laid them down, trying to find critters. We found a spider carrying her eggs, a grasshopper, and lots of ants! We put the grasshopper in a bug jar with some leaves and pinecones to give it a nice habitat.

Then we hiked back to the wagon and headed inside to get a drink of water and a snack. We found a shady spot to enjoy our snack and rehydrate from our morning exploration.

On the farm, we have many different types of wildflowers - our campers were so excited to get to pick some and make a beautiful bouquet of flowers to give their parents/grandparents/guardians. Barnyard Buddies found such amazing, colorful flowers!

Then, it was time to get ready for lunch. We packed our lunches into tubs that got put onto the wagon. Then, we hiked through the woodlot where it is nice and shady. There was lots of exploring to be done down there. Once we made it through the path, the wagon was waiting for us to take us to our picnic lunch!

After lunch, we took our bug jugs and went on a bug hunt! There were lots of butterflies flying around so we did a lot of chasing to try to catch some, but unfortunately they fly too fast for our little feet.

Even though our best efforts did not catch us a butterfly, we still had a lot of fun. It was tiring work, though. We climbed back onto the wagon and headed back into the classroom where a special trail mix snack was waiting for us with pretzels, marshmallows, m&m's, and cereal.

It helped us wake up a little just in time to go home before the last day of farm camp tomorrow!

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