Farm on Foot Week 1 - Day 1

We had an extremely hot day to start off Farm on Foot. The heat did not stop our amazing adventurers from exploring the farm!

Once our excited explorers arrived at camp, we headed straight out to investigate the animals and their homes! We saw the goats and sheep, our llama named Cinnamon, and the baby turkeys. We even got to explore the chickens – we said hello to the quails, chicks, hens, and the big turkeys. We even got to collect and learn about the eggs! Our pony, Patches, even said hello to the campers! We groomed her and pet her before checking out the potbelly pigs – Barney and Happy. There were some saddles that our campers got to explore when visiting our pigs and pony.

There was so much exploring to do with the animals that we worked up quite an appetite! We rushed inside to drink some water and get a snack before our next activity. It was so cool inside – it felt nice after being out in the warm sun. After snack, our explorers decorated some amazing bug jugs using stickers that will be used later during camp to explore the different insects on the farm!

Then we took a wagon ride to a super shady spot for lunch. We explored the tractor and did an exciting scavenger hunt – the campers found birds, butterflies, flowers, and more!

Once we put our lunches away, we went on our final adventure of the day! We visited the log cabin, the root cellar where the food used to be kept on the farm, the old farm house, and the cottage where the old farmers used to live and was even home to the pigs for a little bit!

We ended our day with a refreshing snack after all our exploring! We found a shady spot at the gazebo and enjoyed some delicious fruit popsicles before it was time to go home for the day.

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