Dairy Discovery Week 1 Day 4

Howdy everyone and welcome back for day four of Dairy Discovery camp! This morning at the flag ceremony, campers learned a special song called "The Bowers' Bog". Afterward, the peppers headed out to the barns for animal chores.

The yellow peppers cared for the poultry by giving them fresh water and food. Meanwhile, the green peppers fed the animals in the lower barn. They also helped restock the sheep feed.

The red peppers cared for the ponies and pigs! Campers even took time to tidy the pony pen. Patches, Taffy, and Dozer are so happy their home is so clean!

Out in the garden, the peppers weeded the tomato and sweet potato plants. They also helped spread wood chips!

The peppers were busy in the garden kitchen today. This morning's recipe was cornbread using the freshly ground cornmeal. For a sweet treat in the afternoon, campers made yogurt bites! You can follow the recipe card below if you want to make either of these at home.

The weather was perfect for a llama hike! The peppers took Cinnamon the llama for a walk all around the farm. They also observed her behavior and learned about the important role she plays on the farm.

Instead of kites, campers spent time today building an utter. They used cups, gloves, and balloons to try and create something that functions as an utter would!

There's nothing better than a scavenger hunt to end the day! Each pepper group went around the farm collecting clues. After all that running, a splash in the hose was the perfect way to cool down.

That's a wrap for day four of Dairy Discovery camp! Don't forget to wear your tie-dye shirt tomorrow and to join us for the Farm Show. Ta ta for now!

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