Dairy Discovery Camp Week 2 Day 4

Greetings campers and parents and welcome back for another day of Dairy Discovery camp! The peppers began the morning with a pepper party and the flag ceremony. Next, it was time for animal chores! The peppers gave water and fed all the animals while also cleaning their pens.

Meanwhile, the orange peppers spent time with Clover the rabbit. They also build a new brooder for the chicks as they were outgrowing their old one. The chicks should be able to live in their new home for the next few weeks.

In the garden, the peppers harvested golden tomatoes to used in Garden Kitchen. They also helped gardener Danyal weed!

What is Dairy Discovery without cheese? In Garden Kitchen, campers did a cheese taste test. They tried provolone, Parmesan, goat's milk cheese, Gruyère, and Colby Jack. Many said that Colby Jack was their favorite.

Cinnamon got the chance to explore today as peppers took her on a hike around the farm. They observed what she ate, and discussed her unique physical features. Campers also learned that Cinnamon loves hugs!

The peppers checked the progress of the bones from Monday. They took note of how each bone felt, smelled, and looked. The bone in water was the strongest, while the bones in milk and vinegar had softened.

Campers tested their balance while trying to make it across the low ropes course. Many completed the obstacles successfully, and it helped to have support from friends!

There's no better way to end the day than with a wagon ride. During this time the peppers also put their kites to the test. The wind was perfect, and the kites soared!

Thanks for joining us for another day at camp and we can't wait to see you tomorrow. Don't forget to wear your tie-dye shirt and to arrive at 3:30 for the farm show. See you there!

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