Dairy Discovery Camp Week 2 Day 3

Welcome back to the third day of camp! We can't believe its halfway through the week already. The morning started with the flag ceremony and "The Good Morning Song." Afterward, the peppers headed out to the barns to do animal chores.

The yellow peppers cared for the animals in the lower barn. They milked and fed the goats, and cleaned the pens.

Out in the garden, campers harvested peppers. They also helped weed and lay down new hay. The rows look so much better now!

The green peppers cared for the pigs and ponies by giving them fresh food and water. They also groomed Dozer the pony, and cleaned his pen! The ponies are very thankful for their clean home.

In Garden Kitchen, campers made granola and lasagna roll-ups with homemade ricotta! They also learned how yogurt was made and got to make some of their own. Follow the card below to make the lasagna roll-ups, and check the Bowers School Farm Instagram story (@bowersschoolfarm) for the granola recipe!

Campers continued building their kites today. Some peppers finished and got the chance to test theirs out. They turned out great, now all we need is a windy day!

The peppers ground corn today using the corn grinder. They will use this for an upcoming Garden Kitchen recipe. Campers found this job a little easier with help from a friend!

Campers made soap using goats milk, essential oils, and dried herbs from the garden. They handpicked a combination of herbs and mixed it into their soap. These will be handed back once the soap bars set.

As you may have heard, we had two chicks hatch last week! Campers got to spend time with the baby chickens, as well as with the roosters and hens. They learned how to properly catch and handle both the big and little chickens.

What a great third day of Dairy Discovery. Thanks for joining us and we can't wait to see you all back here tomorrow!

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