Dairy Discovery Camp Week 2 Day 2

Howdy campers and parents and welcome back for another day of Dairy Discovery camp! After the flag ceremony, the peppers were off to do animal chores. The red peppers supplied food and water to the poultry. They also collected chicken and quail eggs, replaced the shavings in the quails' pen, and learned how to handle chickens properly.

Out in the garden, the peppers harvested and snacked on fresh raspberries. They also weeded the carrot plots, while tasting those as well.

Campers continued to work on their kites. The peppers took time to draw their designs, then began building. They are looking great already!

The green peppers helped clean the chicks' brooder during Farm Contribution. They replaced the shavings, water, and food feeder. Campers also held the chicks and spent time with Clover the rabbit!

Campers talked about the importance of pasteurizing milk before it is consumed. They learned how a milk machine works, and why it is necessary on larger farms. The peppers also examined raw and pasteurized milk in microscopes and compared the bacteria in each.

In Garden Kitchen, campers made zucchini bread and homemade butter. They also learned the butter song and danced along to churn the ingredients. Follow the recipe card below to make these at home!

The peppers experimented with bones. They placed one bone in water, one in vinegar, and the other in milk. They then predicted what will happen to each one over time. Campers will be checking back at the end of the week.

Scrub-a-dub-dub! Campers cleaned some of the baby goats. Then to dry off, they ran through the field while the goats followed. The peppers learned that goats are pack animals and will follow the direction of the herd, which is why they don't run off!

Thanks for joining us for the second day of Dairy Discovery camp. We had such a blast and can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring. Be sure to check back daily for new posts!

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