Dairy Discovery Camp Week 1 Day 3

Hi campers and parents! This morning started with daily animal chores. The yellow peppers cared for the animals in the lower barn. They milked the goats as well as fed the calves.

Out in the garden, the peppers collected lavender, oregano, lemon balm and mint for their goat milk soap. Each camper customized the perfect mix of herbs for their soap!

During farm contribution, the red peppers decided to restock the silo with sheep feed and cracked corn. They also tidied and swept the lower barn. They were such a big help and the animals are so appreciative!

The peppers used goat's milk from morning chores to make goat's milk soap. They also added herbs from the garden. This soap smelled so good and campers will be able to take it home later in the week!

Campers ground corn into cornmeal. This required some serious muscle and sometimes even two peppers to get the job done! They will use this fresh ground cornmeal in tomorrow's garden kitchen recipe.

Today in the kitchen, campers made ricotta cheese that they used for lasagna roll-ups! This comfort food was perfect on a cold and rainy afternoon. You can make this meal at home by following the recipe card below.

The peppers headed out to the poultry barn to collect chicken eggs. Campers placed these into an incubator, which hatches the eggs in 21 days. Campers also learned how farm eggs differ from store-bought eggs, and why these are still able to hatch.

Thanks for following along for another day of camp! The rain definitely didn't stop the peppers from having an awesome day of activities. Join us tomorrow for more photos and fun.

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