Dairy Discovery Camp Week 1 Day 2

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Greetings and welcome back for another day of Dairy Discovery! The peppers started their morning with the daily flag ceremony. They also learned "The Hay Song", which is a camp favorite!

Next, the green peppers went to the garden to harvest carrots. They also picked raspberries and got to do a little taste testing! It was the perfect treat on such a warm day.

What is in milk? Today peppers learned about the good and bad bacteria found in milk. They got to see this up close, examining raw goat's milk and pasteurized cow's milk with a microscope!

Today in garden kitchen, the peppers made zucchini bread and topped it with homemade butter. It smelled amazing and received two thumbs up from campers!

Campers continued to work on their kites from yesterday. Some spent time building the framework, while others worked on the fabric. Peppers will keep building throughout the week and set sail on Friday!

The peppers did various team building activities today. The orange and red peppers both played the grid game, in which they had to guess the correct path to move across the board. Also during this time, camper conducted a bone experiment. They placed chicken bones into three different liquids to see what effect each had.

On such a warm day, a goat wash was the perfect way to cool off. Campers got to bath the baby goats. Although goats don't normally get bathed, these goats are going to market and needed to be cleaned. Afterward, the peppers took the goat on a run to dry off!

Thanks for joining us for another day here at camp! We had such a blast and can't wait for the rest of the week. Check back tomorrow to see what else the peppers discover.

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