Dairy Discovery Camp Week 1 Day 1

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Hello campers and parents, and welcome to the first day of Dairy Discovery camp! My name is Turnip, and I am one of the barn cats here at Bowers School Farm. I was very busy today running around the farm seeing what campers were up to!

They started the morning with a Pepper Party, where campers were split into four pepper groups: green, yellow, orange, and red. Each group decorated a flag with symbols that represented them as a team. The peppers also discussed the C.A.R.E.S. contract and acted out each important behavior including cooperation, attitude, respect, empathy, and safety.

After the pepper party, it was time for the daily flag ceremony! Campers helped raise the American and 4H flag, and said both pledges.

Next the peppers headed out to the barns to do animal chores. The green peppers went to the poultry barn to take care of the chickens and quails. They gave them fresh water and food, as well as got to hold some of the chicks. Meanwhile, the red peppers took care of the animals in the lower barn. They gave all the animals fresh food and water. The peppers also milked the goat!

Campers got creative by tie-dying camp t-shirts. These shirts will be washed and handed back to campers to wear on Friday!

In the Garden Kitchen, peppers tried different foods and categorized each as salty, savory, sweet, spicy, sour, or bitter. They tried gummy worms, lemons, marshmallows, pickles, chocolate, and chips. The peppers also made a Mint Milkshake with mint and ice cream. The recipe to make this delicious treat is below!

Today was perfect kite-flying weather! The peppers headed to the front lawn to discuss what makes a kite fly. Throughout the week, campers will be building their own kite that will hopefully be able to soar just as high as the ones did today!

In the garden, the peppers helped weed the bean plants. They found some huge weeds that they put in the compost pile.

The peppers learned that cows have a stomach with four parts called ruminants. They had a chance to get their hands dirty, feeling inside each ruminant. Based on what they felt, they then tried to put the buckets in the correct order!

What is dairy? Today campers learned what dairy is made of, where it comes from, and what it is used for. They will continue this discussion and dive deeper into what dairy is throughout the week.

What a great first day of Dairy Discovery camp! We can't wait for the week ahead. Check back for daily posts to make sure you never miss a moment of our campers in action!

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