Barnyard Buddies Week Three – Farm on Foot

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

Week three of Barnyard Buddies – Farm on Foot – started off on a great foot!  We did so much exploring with our excited campers!

We started off the day with a craft to get the campers excited about the day’s activities.  We made footprints on a piece of paper by tracing all the kids’ tiny feet and then writing all their inquiries about the farm and camp inside the footprints.  The campers came up with so many amazing questions about the animals, plants, and tools that we have on the farm!

Before we headed outside with our campers we had to fuel up!  We munched on some delicious fruit snacks while sitting on the gazebo and front porch of one of the houses on the farm.  With our second group of campers, we enjoyed some blueberries and Belvita crackers.  One of our farm cats, Turnip, came to visit during our snack.  Even a cute green little bug came to say hi!

Then it was time for many of the campers favorite part of the day – animal visits!  We got to see and pet the baby goats and our mother goat, Flow – we even got to milk Flow!.  We also saw our calves, some baby sheep, our llama, and all three of our ponies!  After visiting the lower barn it was time to head up to see our pigs and chickens!  We got to feed our chickens some lettuce and other veggies.  Our lucky campers also got to pet one of the chickens and collect some eggs during our visit!  We were even lucky enough to see our bunnies as we travelled around the farm!

In between our visits with the animals in the lower barn and going to visit the chickens and pigs, we stopped in the hay loft to see where the food for the animals is kept and made another stop to learn about the bedding put in the animals pens that soaks up moisture and keeps it nice and comfortable for our beloved animals.  We also got to stop in the farm house to see some of the equipment used for when beekeepers tend to their bees!

We spent so long with our animals that it took us all the way to lunch time.  For lunch we got to take a wagon ride out to the pasture to have a fun picnic lunch!  On our bumpy wagon ride we saw the horses and mother sheep out in the pasture enjoying the sun.

After lunch, we went on a big exploration to find some bugs!  We found some butterflies and other assorted bugs that we collected in our bug jars.  We even found a tiny toad!  Our campers were so excited to show him to the parents when they got picked up.

After our bug hunt we took a wagon ride back to the barn and saw four deer running across the pasture!

Once we were back at the barn we went out into the corn maze to collect some flowers for our bouquet of the day – we even collected some extra flowers to give to the parents!

It was almost time for our campers to leave, but before our tearful goodbyes we made some delicious smoothies with bananas, berries, strawberries, honey, and juice!  With our second group of campers for the week we made smoothies with peaches, blueberries, juice, and homemade farm honey! What could be better?

On our next day at camp we got to explore the garden and the vernal pond.  In the pond, we searched for bugs and animals that may live in the water!  We found some cool stuff – tiny tadpoles!  While in the garden, we saw and smelled the herbs and identified other fruits and vegetables!  We went on a zucchini hunt and found eleven beautiful zucchinis that we picked for the Farm Stand!  One or two of the zucchinis may have gotten left out of the farm stand, but no worries because they were cut up for our campers and parents to enjoy during pick-up!

On our walk back from the garden, the delivery truck came with a whole lot of hay!  The driver was nice enough to let us get a picture in front of it.

We made a fun bagel chicken snack before going out to visit our animals again! We used cream cheese and fruit on a bagel so that it would look like cute little chickens! Not only was the snack adorable, it was also delicious.  With our second group of campers, we made delicious homemade fruit snacks that we enjoyed in the shady woods!  We cut up strawberries, apples, and kiwis to put in the food dehydrator overnight so that we could enjoy the next day.

For lunch, we took another wagon ride out to a shady spot and laid out our picnic blankets.  After our delicious lunch, our campers got to use some hula hoops, magnifying glasses, and some bug jugs to find all sorts of critters and plants!

After lunch, it was almost time to go home.  We headed back to the main building and took a quick break before taking a short walk out into the woods to enjoy our delicious trail mix in the shade!  In our trail mix we had pretzels, marshmallows, banana chips, dried cherries, sunflower seeds, and M&Ms.  While at our shady spot in the woods we got visited by one of our farm cats!

Our second group of campers got a chance to say goodbye to the animals after lunch!  Then we had a special afternoon snack of some fruit and veggie popsicles!  There was another special treat for our campers – since they were such good explorers this week, they got to take home colorful compasses!

We were so excited to have our amazing explorers at the farm this week!  They made our week so enjoyable!

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