Barnyard Buddies - Week One Day One

Summer has officially started! We are back at the farm and started off camp with an amazing group of campers.

We started our day by playing inside - we drew pictures, played with the barn toys, and the toy tractors. All of this got us prepared to go see the real animals on the farm!

We started out by going to see our baby goats and sheep - there were even some mother goat being milked! Our campers pointed out how soft the animals were. We discussed why mother animals need to get milked and where that milk goes. In the barn, we also got to say hello to two of our cows! Our brave campers got face to face with the cows despite their size difference.

We then got to spend some time in the hay loft where our campers discussed the animals that eat hay - we even got to see one of our farm cats in there while we escaped the muggy weather for a minute!

As we made our way to the poultry barn, we stopped to see our bunnies. Our helpful campers gave the bunnies some grass to munch on before going to say hello to our potbelly pigs! After petting the potbelly pigs, our Barnyard Buddies decided they were not soft and were ready to move on. We said hello to the ponies and gave them a few pieces of hay for a snack before heading into the poultry barn.

Once inside, our campers got to hold and pet the baby chicks! They were so brave and soft with our little farm friends. Also inside the poultry barn, there were even more pigs to pet!

Our adventurous campers also got to collect eggs from the mother hens in the barn, being careful not to drop them!

Once we made it back to our classroom, and after a quick snack, we washed the eggs we had collected - our gentle campers did such an amazing job handling the eggs with care! We read a story before getting ready for our first wagon ride of the summer!

We took the wagon out to a shady spot on the farm where we enjoyed a picnic lunch!

After packing up, we rode the wagon a little farther out into the pumpkin patch where we found some HUGE rocks. Barnyard Buddies are so strong - they helped us carry the rocks to our rock pile to help our pumpkins grow big and strong!

After that, it was almost time to go home. We took one last adventure to see our mother goats, sheep, and our llama, Cinnamon. While out there, we played with the parachute and shared our favorite part of the day.

After all this fun, it was time to say "see you tomorrow!" What an amazing first day of camp!

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