Barnyard Buddies Week 3 Day 1

We had an amazing day for our first day of a new camp session. We were so excited to welcome our campers and show them all that we offer here on the farm!

Once all our Barnyard Buddies had arrived, we got ready to go on our Buddy tours! We got to see all the different animals on the farm and explore their homes.

We saw the goats, sheep, and calf in the lower barn. Our brave campers did an amazing job petting our friends and being gentle.

We then got to see the bunnies! We have three baby bunnies on the farm, so our campers got a special treat of hanging out with a couple of our babies! They were so excited - the bunnies were definitely a favorite part of the day.

Barnyard Buddies also got to see the chicken coop! We have turkeys and chickens galore on the farm. We got to pet our chickens and some of our brave campers even pet our big turkeys.

We also saw our two potbelly pigs and our horses and ponies. The horses were getting saddled for the riding camp while we said hello. The ponies enjoyed a little hay snack that our campers provided!

We came inside to get refreshed with a drink and a small snack before reading a story and playing a game. We played a farm animal matching game so we could reflect on the animals we had just seen outside! We also read a story called "Runaway Garden" to help us get ready to see the garden a different day!

Then, it was time to get ready for our wagon ride and picnic lunch. We packed up our lunches, climbed onto the wagon, and headed out for a shady picnic spot. When we had finished our lunch, we got to explore the surrounding area to find leaves and flowers to make a surprise craft on day two!

This brought us close to the end of the day so we hopped back on the wagon and came back up to the classroom to make delicious strawberry and raspberry smoothies.

We cannot wait for day two of camp!

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