Barnyard Buddies Week 2 Day 3

With the last day of Barnyard Buddies approaching, we had to quickly get in all of our last activities! The farm has so much to learn about that we have to make every second count!

We started the day by learning about bees! We have lots of honeybees on the farm that help us pollinate our plants and help them grow big and strong. They also provide us with some extremely delicious Bowers Farm Honey! We use that honey in our smoothies!

After learning about the bees and how they pollinate, we played a fun game of pollination tag! It allowed us to put our knowledge to the test and get out some of our energy.

With all that hard work and running around, we were ready for a snack! We got to make some delicious strawberry, banana smoothies using Bowers honey! They were so yummy!

Once we were all refreshed, we went out to see the horses - we even got to ride! Our brave campers did such an amazing job and waited patiently for their turn. It was so fun to see them up there!

Riding horses is a lot of work - once we had taken our turn and said goodbye to the horses, it was time to eat lunch. We had worked up quite the appetite!

We were Busy Bees today! We had so much fun with our Barnyard Buddies and were so sad to see them leave!

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