Barnyard Buddies Week 2 - Day 2

We had a spectacular Day Two of Barnyard Buddies! Our campers arrived excited to start the day and see more of the farm.

Once we got our hats on, we headed outside, stopping at the Master Garden to take a look at the Thyme Garden – this round section of the garden has all sorts of different kinds of thyme that surround a beautiful, antique sun dial.

We then continued on our adventure out to the beautiful garden to see everything that grows on the farm! We saw the cabbage, carrots, kale, cucumber, squash, herbs, and some other exciting fruits and vegetables. Our campers got to pick carrots and a piece of kale! They even got to search for zucchini and squash, but most were not ready to be picked – only two zucchinis were ready for harvest.

We then stopped in the shade with all of our finds to cool off before heading back inside for the next activity.

The campers cleaned up and gathered around to wash the eggs that we found on Day One in the chicken coop. We washed, dried, and sorted the eggs before packaging them up to sell.

Our campers also got to carefully grate the zucchini that we picked at the garden. The grated zucchini will be made into delicious zucchini and banana muffins for a snack on Day Three along with a special surprise activity that the campers will complete.

We then got ready for lunch and ventured out onto our wagon ride. The trees out by the pasture created a nice, shady spot for our picnic.

After arriving back inside from our picnic and a little bit of play time, we got to visit with the new baby chicks that hatched just four days earlier! The older campers put some eggs in an incubator to watch them hatch and grow into chickens.

Day two ended with some delicious smoothies! We used kale that we picked from the garden, blueberries, strawberries, ice, bananas, and berry juice. We then said goodbye to our campers until they come back for their next day of camp.

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