Barnyard Buddies Week 1 Day 3

The first summer session has already come to a close as Barnyard Buddies Week One had its last day! We had such an amazing day with our campers and cannot wait for future sessions!

On our last day, we completed some really special activities with our buddies - some of which we even got to share as campers were picked up at the end of the day!

There is some delicious smelling and beautiful mint in the garden that our campers carefully picked, after sniffing! We placed the mint leaves in a bag while we looked for a safe, sunny spot. Once we found our spot, we headed back inside, making a mental note of our sunny place, to put the mint leaves into a pitcher with water. We then added some tea bags to make sun tea! One of our two groups made a berry blast tea and the other made a blueberry mint tea. We placed our tea in the sun and let it get nice and flavorful to have as an afternoon snack!

Barnyard Buddies also had a very special chore to do today - we got to groom one of our ponies, Patches! Patches was such a good sport and loved getting lots of pets and brushes from our happy campers.

While we patiently waited for our turn the the pony, we got to ride on some of our horse saddles! This was a favorite activity of many of the campers!

After saying goodbye to Patches, we headed out of the heat to get a cool drink of water and have a snack. While eating our snack, we remembered some of the "B" words that we learned on the farm and wrote them on the board - our campers learned so much! The board was completely full of new words!

Once we had cooled off, we went back outside to explore some more parts of the farm. We got to see where the goats play, head into an old log cabin that housed up to fifteen people, venture into the root cellar where food used to be stored before we had refrigerators, sneak a peak inside an old refurbished house on the farm, and take a look at the old farm house where the farm caretaker used to live! There was so much exciting stuff to see!

After all that exploring, our campers got to plant their very own plants from the greenhouse to take home and continue growing after camp. Now, all our campers have tomato plants so they can have fresh tomatoes!

All the hard work made us have quite the appetite! We took our final wagon ride out to a shady spot. With full tummies, we even got to complete a scavenger hunt out in the pasture before taking the wagon back to the classroom.

Before saying our tearful goodbyes to our campers, we made a trail mix with the dehydrated fruit made the day before - they were so yummy and sweet! We also got to try the sun tea that we made in the morning. Delicious!

With that, it was time to say goodbye after a successful and busy camp day!

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