Barnyard Buddies Week 1 - Day 3

Sadly, our final day of Barnyard Buddies Week 1 was a very rainy day! That didn’t stop us from having a lot of fun!

The rain stopped long enough for us to get out to the Horse Barn where Patches was patiently waiting to be groomed and pet. The campers also got to play on the saddles nearby after they took a turn with Patches.

We then headed back inside to make some homemade butter! The kids shook up a container of cream, using their strong muscles to make some seriously delicious butter.

Next, because of the rain, the campers stayed inside to do a puzzle and matching game that helped them to learn about all the different animals on the farm.

Instead of a picnic, we took a quick wagon ride around the farm and then found a dry spot on the gazebo to refuel.

Before indulging in our special snack, the campers ventured out to the Hay Loft where there were two baby chicks waiting for them. The campers bravely pet the chicks and watched them walk around. Some campers even fed them some hay.

Before saying our final goodbyes, we enjoyed our delicious zucchini muffins with the zucchini we grated on Day Two paired with our homemade butter from the morning! The campers (and counselors) LOVED the muffins and butter. There was even enough to share with parents.

It was then time to say goodbye to our campers and get ready for the Fourth of July. We had so much fun with all of our Barnyard Buddies this week!

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