Barnyard Buddies Week 1 Day 2

Our second day of camp was sunny and a bit windy! But the wind didn't stop us from getting out and doing some more exploring.

After all the campers arrived, we hiked out to the big garden to see what was growing! We walked down the secret path to the garden where we got to see the crops that are growing! We helped make sure the raspberries will grow big and strong by pulling out some of the weeds.

We also got to plant sunflowers to help complete the garden!

After that hard work in the garden, we headed to some shade to have a snack and a cold drink of water.

Once we got some energy back, we cut apples and bananas to dehydrate for a delicious snack on our last day. Our campers did such an amazing job cutting the fruit and were so patient as they waited for their turn! We can't wait to try our fruit snacks tomorrow.

We also got to investigate one of the chicken eggs and read a story to help us understand more about how the farm works. Our curious campers love learning more and asking questions!

Then, we took a quick wagon ride to a shady picnic spot where we saw some of our Bowers cows grazing in the pumpkin patch!

After lunch, we came back and played a fun farm matching game so the Barnyard Buddies could show off how much they have been learning about the bugs and animals we see on the farm!

Finally, it was time to make our smoothies! The campers had been waiting for them all day long. And they did an amazing job! We had some delicious strawberry banana smoothies that even had some fresh Bowers Farm honey! Yum!

With our tummies full, we decided to take our scraps from our dehydrated fruit making out to the goats and chickens so they could enjoy a yummy snack!

This led us to the end of day two - only one day left. Time sure does fly by!

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