Barnyard Buddies Week 1 Day 1

We couldn’t have asked for better weather to start off our amazing summer here at Bowers! We welcomed our first session of Barnyard Buddies to the farm and had so many amazing adventures that we cannot wait to share.

Our day started off with lots of excitement! We welcomed all our campers and couldn’t wait to get started with our day. Our campers decorated some beautiful owls to hang up on our wall to remind all our campers about our mantra “C.A.R.E.S” – Cooperation, Attentive, Respectful, Empathy, Safety.

Then, we started our adventure on the farm with everybody’s favorite activity – the Buddy Tour! All our Bowers animals were so excited to meet our campers and our campers were excited to meet them! First we went to the Lower Barn.

Then, our campers headed on up to the hay loft where we learned about what hay is and what different animals on the farm eat hay.

On our walk around the farm, a peacock showed his beautiful feathers!

In the Upper Barn, there were even more animals to visit! We saw the baby piglets and got to pet them – they aren’t soft like sheep or goats, but they have hair. They even “oink”-ed for us! Once inside, the chickens got a chance to say hi. Our campers had the opportunity to go collect eggs from the chickens!

After all that walking around and exciting visits to our animals, it was time for lunch! We carefully climbed onto the wagon and took a relaxing and beautiful ride out to our shady picnic spot. A horse even stopped to say hello.

We rode all the way to the pumpkin patch where we got to see the pumpkin plants that were starting to grow. Our campers also did some outstanding investigating and digging as they searched for rocks to pick from the patch to help the pumpkins grow! We found some BIG rocks!

Smoothie time! We made the most delicious smoothies using the spinach we picked, a little bit of kale, bananas, strawberries and other berries, Bowers Farm honey, ice, and some V-8 juice with fruit and veggies. The kids, and counselors, loved them!

After all the excitement of our first day of camp, it was time to say "See you tomorrow!"

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