Barnyard Buddies – Little Sprouts take root at the farm!

We kicked off our Little Sprouts camp this week!  We have so many amazing campers and so many fun activities to do – we could not wait to get started.

Our first day kicked off with the campers making bean necklaces – they put a wet cotton ball and a bean in a little plastic bag that the counselors then tied around their neck.  So cute!  Over the week, the beans will begin to sprout and the campers will get to watch their plant grow!

Then we went outside to see the animals.  We got to feed the calves, see the goats, sheep, and llama, and see the pigs.  We also got to feed the bunnies and collect some chicken and quail eggs!  While visiting the animals we talked about the plants that the animals eat and where those plants come from.  We also got a chance to milk our mother goat, Flow!

While outside, we got to go into the hay barn to see the food that our animals eat.  We worked together to carry the giant bales of hay!

On our walk around the farm, Miss Blanch brought over Casey and Mirage, two of our farm horses, to say hello!

We worked up quite the appetite – we headed to a shady spot to enjoy some delicious popcorn!

Once our snack had been eaten, we worked hard in the kitchen washing the eggs we collected earlier in the day!

After that, we headed inside to do a little bit of drawing – we made some above/below garden drawings.  We talked about what plants grow above the ground and what plants grow below the ground.  We drew pictures of each plant as we talked about them.  They turned out so cute!

That took us all the way to lunch.  We packed up for our picnic and got on the wagon to head out to a shady spot in the pasture!

After we finished our nutritious and delicious lunches, we headed to the garden where we all picked a piece of beautiful kale to use in our afternoon snack.

We took the wagon back to the classroom and headed to the kitchen to clean our kale and make some smoothies!  In our smoothies we put some V8 fusion juice, a banana, some frozen berries, frozen peaches, ice, some of our fresh picked kale, and some homemade Bowers Farm honey.  Yum!

While we enjoyed our smoothies, the campers got to decorate some brown paper bags to put at the farm stand to thank the parents and others who come to buy some of our farm fresh food!

During a few moments of down time, our helpers read a couple stories to the campers all about the farm!

Our first day of camp was jam packed with activity and we are excited for the rest of the weeks activities with our amazing campers!

Although there was rain early in the morning on day two, that didn’t stop us from exploring the farm even more!

We headed out to the garden first thing to pick some chamomile.  The campers loved the way the chamomile smelled!

When we got back to the classroom we put the leaves of the chamomile in the dehydrator so that we could make tea bags.

Then we enjoyed a delicious snack of veggies – some farm fresh zucchini along with other yummy vegetables – with ranch and hummus to dip.  We were so proud of our campers for trying all the vegetables and enjoying them!

With our second group of campers we enjoyed animal crackers and fruit snacks on our second day – on our first day we ate veggies with dip!

After snack we read a short story and then headed to the greenhouse where each camper got to plant a sunflower seed to take home and grow!

After that we talked about soil and how it stays rich to allow the plants to grow.  Through this discussion, we got to look at some worms in our dirt bins in the greenhouse and our campers were so brave that they even held the worms!

We got ready for lunch after that.  We ate under our big white tent that is set up at the farm.  After our energizing lunch, we took a wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch before heading back inside to finish up our tea bags.  We placed the dried chamomile in tea bags to take home to parents!

With our second group of campers, we got to take the wagon out to the pasture for a picnic!  There was no rain that altered our lunch plans!

We then got to go out to the barn and say a quick goodbye to our animals before it was time to leave.

As the campers were leaving, they got to enjoy some refreshing fruit and veggie popsicles! Yum!

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