Barnyard Buddies comes to a close!

We had our final week of Barnyard Buddies!  Although we are sad that the summer is ending, we had a great group of campers to make our end of summer special!  This week in camp we focused on the letter B – thinking of all the things on a farm that start with that letter.

We started off the day by greeting our campers and playing in the classroom while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Once all the happy campers arrived, we started our day with many of the campers favorite activity – seeing the animals!  We got to feed the calves, milk the goat, and see all our other barnyard friends in the lower barn!

Then we headed to see the chickens where we got to collect eggs – carefully of course!  And we got to see the bunnies!

It was then snack time! Belvita crackers and blueberries kept us on theme thinking about letters on the farm.

We headed out to the beautiful garden next.  While we were there we picked kale for our afternoon snack.  The campers did such an amazing job!  We also got to pick some tomatoes!

We came back to the classroom and got ready for lunch!  We took a wagon ride out to the pasture to have a delicious picnic.

After lunch, we read a Book and made Berry, Banana, fresh farm honey, and kale smoothies!  YUM!

After that it was time to say goodbye for the day!  Not before we got to have a short discussion about all the different Bwords we saw and heard on the farm.

Our next day of camp was just as filled with activity as the first!

Our two groups of campers switched farm chores for the day – we got to feed the cows again, milk the goat, and collect chicken eggs!

Then we came back to the classroom and made our own bag of trail mix!  It was so tasty!

After, we learned all about how worms help the plants grow – we even got to hold the worms!  Our campers were so brave!

On this day, we had our picnic under the big white tent.  Afterwards, we took a wagon ride to investigate the pumpkin patch.  The pumpkins are growing!

We rode the wagon back to the classroom and played a matching game – deciding what animals are farm animals and what animals are not!

We had a special afternoon snack of fruit and veggie popsicles.  So refreshing!

This brought us all the way to the end of camp.  We were so sad to say goodbye to our campers!  We cannot wait for next summer!

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