Animal & Nature Camp Week 2 Day 5

Hello campers and parents! Welcome back for the last day of Animal & Nature Camp. The green peppers helped start the morning with the flag ceremony.

As for animal chores, the orange peppers took care of both rabbits. They fed them and replaced their water. They also had a chance to spend time with Coco the rabbit and feed him some extra treats!

The green peppers helped out in the poultry barn. They gave the animals fresh food and water. They also spent time catching and holding some of their favorite chickens!

Today was a special day in the horse barn because the Ferrier was here! The red peppers got a chance to see how he clips and trims the horses’ hooves.

In the kitchen, the kids made fresh salsa served with tortilla chips. The jalapeños added a little extra kick! If you want the recipe, follow the recipe card or the recipe listed below.

The peppers searched the garden for ripe fruits and veggies. They picked everything that was ready to be eaten and stocked the farm stand. Don’t forget to stop by after camp to pick up some fresh produce!

Campers had a surprise activity today: a farm scavenger hunt! They ran from the garden to each barn collecting clues. The hunt ended in the kitchen with celebratory popsicles!

The peppers had time to say goodbye to their favorite animals today. Some visited the ponies while others visited the chickens. The animals all loved having the campers take care of them this week!

The peppers took Cinnamon the llama on a hike! She loved getting to walk all around the farm with the kids!

Tractor rides are always a perfect way to end the day. Thank you so much peppers for making this week awesome! We hope to see each and every one of you next year at camp!

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