Animal & Nature Camp Week 2 Day 4

Hello campers and parents, Turnip the cat here! Welcome back to the fourth day of Animal & Nature Camp. The morning started off with animal chores!

The red peppers got to work in the lower barn. They fed the animals, gave them fresh water, and milked the Flo the goat.

Meanwhile, the orange peppers did poultry chores. They gave the chickens water, fresh food, and cleaned out the coop. The chickens are so happy that their home is nice and clean now!

Campers helped out in the garden by weeding the strawberry plants. They also picked some ripe raspberries to use for garden kitchen!

In the kitchen, campers made Zesty Zucchini Pizzas and Fluttering Fruit Grahams. Both were very delicious! If you want to make either of these at home, follow the recipe card or the recipe listed below.

The peppers were chefs outside of the kitchen today as well. They mixed up their own soil by combining ingredients like bark, grass, algae, and dirt. Each group had a slightly different recipe!

The peppers collected worm castings that will be added to the soil in the garden. It makes the perfect fertilizer because it is so nutrient dense!

There are so many critters crawling beneath our feet! Campers took a closer look using magnifying glasses and petri dishes. They found worms, ants, slugs, and more!

The rain didn’t slow the peppers down one bit. They had a blast looking at worms and other creepy crawlers! Meet back here tomorrow to see what campers get up to for the last day of camp!

Don’t forget that the campers will be putting on a farm show tomorrow, Friday, at 3:30 p.m. See you there!

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