Animal & Nature Camp Week 2 Day 3

Greetings everyone, Turnip the cat here! The peppers had another great day here on the farm. The morning started with the flag ceremony, lead by the orange peppers. They also learned an original song written by one of our campers!

(To the tune of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”) Take me out to the farm Take me out with the barn Pet the ponies and feed the sheep Hope the cats don’t follow me! For it’s root, root, root For the vegetables Hope they grow on time For it’s one, Two, Three chickens loose All around the farm

The yellow peppers took care of the horses today. Because Mac and Scarlett were out for a ride, they only fed and groomed Lady. They made food bowls for the other horses to eat  when they returned from their ride!

In the garden, the peppers harvested zucchini, squash, and sage for today’s recipe! They picked the biggest ones of each that they could find.

In the kitchen, campers made a root vegetable hash. They also baked fresh bread to serve with it! If you want to make either of these at home, follow the recipe card or the recipe listed below.

Today campers dissected plants and seeds. They used tweezers and magnifying glasses to take a closer look!

Out in the garden, campers pulled weeds and learned which ones were safe to eat. The peppers made sure to rinse off all the weeds before they had a taste.They tried lamb’s quarter, which some said tasted like spinach!

Campers learned that plants need sunlight, water, and nutrients to survive. In the Balancing Act game, they were plants competing for each component. Whoever got the least amount was weeded out of the garden!

Campers decorated a banner with pictures of their favorite part about camp. It turned out so colorful and will be hung in the building!

That’s a wrap for Animal & Nature camp day three. The rain held off until the end of the day and campers had a full day of awesome activities! Meet us back here tomorrow to see what the peppers are up to!

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