Animal & Nature Camp Week 1 Day 4

Greetings everyone and welcome back for the fourth day of Animal & Nature Camp! The peppers started the morning with animal chores. The animals are so happy with all the work they have been doing!

In the garden today, the peppers learned the difference between annual and perennial plants. Perennial plants grow year after year, while annuals have to be replanted each season. Campers went through the garden and identified which plants regrow and which do not. The green peppers also made wildflower bracelets with duct tape!

Campers learned that soil is made of many things, including living organisms. They had the chance to mix up their own soil by adding different ingredients from around the farm! Many recipes consisted of worms, leaves, slugs, and moss.

Today in the kitchen, campers made both zucchini pizza bites and strawberry jam. The zucchini was picked fresh from the Bower’s Farm garden. If you want to make either of these recipes at home, follow the recipe card or the recipe listed below!

Campers collected worm castings to use as a fertilizer. This natural and nutrient dense material will be mixed with soil to add to the garden.

There are so many critters crawling beneath our feet! The peppers used magnifying glasses and Petri dishes to examine the bugs we have here on the farm.

Peppers went to the woods to collect worms for a wormarium. After the jar was full they were able to observe these wigglers in action!

What a blast we had looking at worms! Thankfully the rain held off and gave us another beautiful day. Don’t forget bathing suits for tomorrow’s water activities!

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