Animal & Nature Camp Week 1 Day 3

Hello campers and families. Welcome back to Animal & Nature camp day three! The morning started with the flag ceremony. The orange peppers helped raise it, and lead the pledge!

The yellow peppers helped take care of Mac and Scarlet. They fed and groomed both horses!

Meanwhile, the red peppers fed the poultry. They also made sure to give them water on this hot and sunny day!

If you have not already, be sure to check out our farm stand! We sell fresh produce, eggs, honey, and more. Today, campers made a beautiful banner that will hang on the stand. They used painted fruit to make the design!

Today in the kitchen, campers made fresh salsa and tortilla chips. They used the cilantro from the garden as one of the ingredients. If you want to make this at home, follow the recipe below or the recipe card!

Out in the garden, the campers pulled weeds and learned which ones are safe to eat. The orange peppers pulled lamb’s quarter and purslane to taste. They also made sure to cool off in the hose before leaving!

What is in a seed? Today campers got the chance to find out. They dissected multiple different seeds and compared them to each other.

Peppers learned that plants need three things to survive: sunlight, water, and nutrients. In the Balancing Act game, they were plants competing for each component. Whoever got the least amount was weeded out!

That’s a wrap for day three! We had so much fun and beautiful weather. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what the peppers are up to!

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