Animal & Nature Camp Week 1 Day 2

Hello campers and families, Turnip the cat here! Welcome back for the second day of Animal & Nature camp. It was a very busy day here on the farm. The red peppers started the morning off by feeding momma pig and playing with the rabbits in the hayloft!

Feeding time! The green peppers bottle-fed the calves. Some of the campers even got some cow-kisses!

The pepper groups headed to the garden to collect kale and green peppers for today’s recipes. They even found some ripe zucchini that went perfectly in the scrambled eggs.

Today in the kitchen, campers made scrambled eggs and a kale smoothie. Both recipes received two thumbs up! If you want to recreate these at home, follow the recipe card or the recipe listed below.

Later in the afternoon, campers learned the importance of bee pollination. They built bee houses out of newspaper and compared it to real honeycomb. They also got the chance to try on a beekeeper’s outfit!

Out in the woods, the orange peppers worked on building shelters. They used sticks and twine to make it sturdy. They will continue working on these throughout the week!

There’s nothing like a wagon ride to end the day. Thanks for stopping by and we will see you all back here tomorrow! 

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