Animal Excursion Week 5 Day 5

Welcome back everyone! Can you believe today was Friday? Boy, how time flies! I got here early and was ready to jump into all the fun we had planned for the day.

Before starting our day, everyone gathered to watch the green peppers lead the flag ceremony. After the pledges, Group Leader Adrian and the green peppers got everyone ready to go with a warm-up song.

You've got to work hard to play hard, right? Before jumping into all the day's activities, the campers made sure to get their chores done! Afterwards, it was off to the garden!

We sure had some hard workers! The campers loved working out in the garden with the mulch, pulling weeds and harvesting produce. Some of their finds today included peppers, cabbage, and lettuce.

After completing their chores and work out in the garden, each pepper group took Happy (one of our pot belly pigs) out on a walk around the farm! The campers loved visiting with him and seeing what he did during the walk.

Back inside, our campers were enjoying delicious fruit slushies! Yummy yummy! This is a perfect treat for hot summer days that you and your pepper(s) are sure to love!

Before heading back outside, I noticed the peppers were busy with a science experiment. Each pepper group worked together to make casein (a moldable material that resembles plastic) using heated milk and vinegar.

Friday's are for fun, and what better way to celebrate the end of the week than with a water balloon toss? The peppers got into groups of two and competed against other peppers to see how far they could toss their water balloon without it breaking. It was definitely the perfect activity for the heat!

Before the day was over, campers were free to choose from a number of different activities. Some pepper groups continued to work on their skit while other groups visited with our animals.

After an exciting couple games of capture the flag, all the pepper groups gathered under the tent to perform their skits. Each pepper group did an incredible job showing everyone something that they learned at camp this week.

What an amazing week! Thank you for joining me for all the adventures! I hope to see you again soon!

Until next time!

-Em, the Farm Dog

P.S. Be sure to check out this week's video for more pictures of our campers in action!

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