Animal Excursion Week 5 Day 3

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Howdy everyone! Paw-five! I couldn't wait for the campers to arrive and the day to start!

After our campers arrived it was time to jump into the morning flag ceremony. Today, the orange peppers worked together to raise the flags and led the pledges before energizing everyone with a warm-up song.

With our flag ceremony complete it was back to work, starting with animals chores. The pepper groups made sure that all the animals had a clean place to live and plenty of food and water before moving on to the rest of the activities.

Mulching and weeding and harvesting, oh my! Our peppers sure were busy out in the garden today! The campers divided and conquered to get as much work done as possible while picking cabbage, peppers and onions. Some peppers even got to visit the greenhouse before they started work in the garden.

As I strolled back up from the garden, I noticed a bunch of peppers running around playing wrens & jays. Peppers who were "wrens" hid a nest and tried to collect as may "eggs" as possible before the peppers who were "jays" found their nest.

Out on the farm or in the garden, there are lots of worms for campers to find. They help aerate the soil, break down organic matter and leave behind castings that act as a fertilizer. Today, each pepper group made a wormarium where they would be able to observe worms in action!

Campers got to experience a little bit of history today when they visited the Craig Log Cabin. When inside, the peppers learned about how people used to live and worked together to make butter by hand. Once their butter was finished, they got to enjoy a tasty snack. I even stopped by to see if there were any scraps left behind.

With so much zucchini harvested from the garden, the peppers made fresh zucchini bread! How delicious does that sound? They even paired it with the butter they made in the log cabin. Now that's what I call a farm-fresh recipe!

Since we will be having a Farm Show on Friday at 3:30, our pepper groups began brainstorming ideas and rehearsing for their performance. You'll want to arrive early so that you see your pepper(s) in action!

The campers continued to learn about animals and today they focused on cows. Each pepper group learned what cows eat and why they are important. Cows eat hay and grass and in return we get a variety of dairy products such as butter, milk and cheese and food products including steak, hot dogs and burgers.

After collecting materials yesterday, the peppers began constructing their nests. They combined natural materials such as hay, grass, leaves and twigs/sticks with clay, pipe cleaners and cotton balls.

It was another great day at camp! I couldn't help but smile after seeing all of our campers in action having fun!

I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!

-Em, the Farm Dog

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