Animal Excursion Week 1 Day 4

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Happy Thursday everyone! It was another wonderful day here at camp!

We had two awesome repeat-after-me songs this morning before we started our day. Camp Director Jordan kicked off the morning with a camp favorite, "The Cow Song" before we headed to the daily flag ceremony, led by our our green peppers today. After the ceremony, we had another fun song from green pepper leader, Adrian.

With our daily routine done, the campers were eager to get back to work and see all the animals during their morning chores.

Out in the garden, campers were able to harvest more produce including garlic stems and onion chives. After harvesting the produce, campers continued to help Mr. David in the gardens by mulching, spreading hay and watering plants. We've been having such great weather, I'm sure the plants needed lots of water!

One of the recipes we made in garden kitchen was handmade ricotta cheese! I don't know about you, but I love cheese! Campers worked together to make the ricotta cheese that they paired with crackers for a yummy snack. You and your pepper(s) can make this snack at home using the recipe provided.

With the daily chores and activities done, it was time for more fun activities! After finalizing their nests, each pepper got to see how well their nest protected their egg. Each pepper dropped their nest with the egg off the Gazebo. Some eggs cracked and some were perfectly fine, but all of our peppers had a great time doing this activity!

Slack-lining in the forest was a great way for campers to practice C.A.R.E.S while engaging in a team building activity. Each pepper was able to take their turn on the slack-line with the help of their fellow peppers and leaders supporting them.

Later on in the day, campers learned more about ruminants. Ruminants are animals that have a four compartment stomach, which includes the rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum, such as cows and goats. After feeling what the insides of the different parts would feel like, campers worked together to figure out the order they belong in.

All of our campers were super excited for the llama hike today! Each pepper group was able to take Cinnamon out on a hike around the farm. Some of them even gave Cinnamon a side-hug. Cinnamon likes this because it's how llamas show affection.

Today was an exciting day filled with fun activities and adventures and I can't wait to continue the fun tomorrow! Who else is excited for the end of the week farm show??

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