Animal Excursion Week 1 Day 3

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hi again! It's Em! We had another beautiful day at camp!

This morning, our yellow peppers were the leaders during the daily flag ceremony and yellow pepper group leader, Tyler led all the campers in a warm up song before heading out to the farm.

It was another busy day and our campers were really starting to get the hang of things while always keeping C.A.R.E.S in mind. Our campers enjoyed working with the animals and helping them out, especially in the morning during animal chores. We sure are lucky to have such helpful campers!

When out in the garden, peppers continued to help spread mulch along the paths, but they also helped pick fresh produce. They were able to harvest lettuce, kale, basil and even mint!

One of the recipes campers made today during garden kitchen was pesto hummus with lettuce wraps. Boy, does that sound good! Campers used the fresh lettuce and basil that they gathered during garden time to make this recipe. You can also make this super easy and delicious snack at home using the recipe card below.

Back in the barn, our campers got to learn more about horses and ponies. Each pepper group got a chance to groom either a horse or pony and learned what separates a pony from a horse. Horses are measured in hands and a horse that is 14 hands or less is called a pony. Horses are a lot bigger and can be between 15 and 20 hands. The peppers got to measure Mack, our largest draft horse and learned that he measures 18 hands! He's quite the big horse!

The pepper groups also continued working on their nests. Today, they used the grass, hay and leaves they gathered on their hike along with other man-made materials such as clay, pipe cleaners and cotton balls to build their nest.

Later on, campers got to check out the historic Craig Log Cabin. During the activity, each pepper group used a mason jar and heavy cream to make butter by hand, just like people did in the olden days! Once their butter was ready, the peppers got to enjoy a tasty snack.

As the end of the week approaches, each pepper group started working on their own skit for the farm show on Friday. After brainstorming ideas, campers began rehearsing and slowly putting their show together.

It was another great day and I'm so excited to see what activities all of the campers are doing tomorrow! Maybe I'll get to take a break and join! Anyway, I'll see everyone tomorrow, bright and early!

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