Animal Camp Week 2 Day 4

Hello campers and parents! Welcome back to the fourth day of Animal Camp. This morning, the green peppers headed out to the garden. They stuck fresh picked wildflowers to duct tape to create some awesome bracelets!

Out in the field, the peppers found a Black Swallowtail caterpillar. They decided to leave it in the wild so it could transform into a beautiful butterfly. Campers also collected tadpoles and watched them in action!

The red peppers spent time in the chicken coop today. They learned how to hold a chicken so that they feel safe and secure!

In the kitchen, peppers made Farm Fettuccine and Garden Veggie Pinwheels. Both were so delicious! If you want to make either of these at home, follow the recipe card or the recipe listed below!

The red peppers went to the pasture to get horses Mac, Lady, and Scarlett. They learned how to properly halter and lead them into the barn. Campers fed and groomed each horse!

The peppers collected and painted rocks from around the farm. Each rock is so unique and will look great in our garden!

The weather was perfect for a nature hike today! Campers discussed the different ecosystems around the farm while on their walk. They also stopped to cool off in their finished shelter!

Each group spent time cleaning animal pens. The animals are so thankful for their help and love their clean homes!

What a great day at camp! Peppers enjoyed the weather and the awesome activities. Make sure to check back tomorrow to see the campers in action on horse day!

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