Animal Camp Week 2 Day 3

Greetings campers and parents! Welcome back to day three of Animal Camp. The morning started with animal chores. Orange peppers fed the poultry and changed their water. They also cleaned out the coops and gave them fresh shavings. The chickens love their fresh and clean home!

Meanwhile, the red peppers fed the calves, goats, sheep and ponies. They also milked Flo the goat!

In the kitchen today, campers made zucchini bread with a butter topping. They harvested the zucchini fresh from the garden. If you want to make this at home, follow the recipe card or the recipe below!

Out in the garden, peppers made toad houses. They buried bins and filled them with leaves, water, and sticks. These will be left out for the toads to hang out in!

Campers learned how wool gets from a sheep to a sweater. The first step is shearing the sheep. Peppers were each able to shear and keep their wool!

Next campers washed their wool. They soaked it and tried to pull out as much debris as possible. The cleaner the wool, the easier it is to work with later on!

After the wool was squeaky clean, peppers used brushes to card it. Carding brushes the fibers in the same direction so it can be spun. They also dyed it so it could be turned into a beautiful bracelet!

To end the day, each pepper group went on a wagon ride with Ms. Kathleen. Campers made sure to wave at all the animals as they drove by!

Day three of Animal Camp was a success! Campers had a blast working with the sheep and processing wool. Check back tomorrow to see what the peppers do next!

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