Animal Camp Week 2 Day 2

Welcome back to Animal Camp day two! Campers had an awfully busy day today here on the farm. The morning started with animal chores. The red peppers replaced Momma Pig’s water and gave her food. They also cared for the rabbits and spent some time with them in the hayloft!

Out in the garden, peppers harvested basil for today’s recipe. Campers loved smelling and even tasting the fresh basil.

In the kitchen, peppers made both Roasted Cowliflower and Pepper’s Pesto. The pesto was made with herbs from the garden! If you want to make either of these at home, follow the recipe card or the recipe listed below!

Campers had fun bathing the baby goats. Afterward, they took them for a run to dry off. Most goats don’t need to be washed, but ours are 4-H goats and need to be clean for show!

Campers learned that cows have a stomach made up of four parts. They got their hands dirty by feeling each stomach inside the ruminant buckets. They then tried to put the buckets in order based on what they felt!

In the afternoon, peppers took the goats for a walk around the farm. They discussed the important physical features of a goat and the adaptations they have to survive in the wild.

It was a beautiful day here at camp! We had so much fun playing with the goats and cooking some tasty treats in the kitchen. Meet us back here tomorrow to see what the peppers are up to!

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