Animal Camp Week 2 Day 1

Hello campers and parents! Welcome to the first day of Animal camp! I am Turnip, one of the barn cats here at Bowers. I ran around the farm all day to see what the campers were up to.

The morning started with a pepper party! The campers were split into four pepper groups: green, yellow, orange, and red. Each group designed a flag that represents them as a team. The peppers also discussed the C.A.R.E.S. contract and acted out each behavior.

Every morning campers will say the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge. Afterwards they also will learn a new song! Today, Mr. Austin taught The Hay Song.

The Hay Song The hay grows tall The farmer cuts it down He spreads it all around and he rakes it into rows He throws it in the barn The cows chow down It turns into fertilizer To help the hay grow hay!

Then it was time to take care of the animals. The yellow peppers headed to the lower barn to care for the cows, ponies, goats, and sheep. Campers learned how to replace water, feed the animals, and milk Flo the goat!

In the horse barn, the red peppers fed and groomed the horses Mac, Lady, and Scarlet. They also learned how to halter them, and how to lead them in and out of the barn!

Campers examined eggs up close using magnifying glasses. They identified each part of the egg and talked about how it is similar to a seed!

Campers were challenged to make nests that would support an egg in an egg drop. They used clay and gathered sticks and straw to get started. Some modeled their nests after ones found in nature, while others went for a different approach!

In the kitchen, campers made both Dill Dip and Fluttering Fruit Grahams. The butterfly graham crackers were a huge hit! If you want to make either of these at home, follow the recipe card or the recipe listed below.

After lunch, the peppers decorated bins that will be used for food waste. They made one for compost materials, recyclables, and trash. Campers discussed what should go into each bin and the importance of eliminating waste!

Out in the woods, the orange peppers began building a shelter. They will be adding to this everyday this week!

That wraps up day one of Animal Camp! Thank you for joining me on my venture around the farm and I will see you back here tomorrow!

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