Animal Camp Week 1 Day 4

Greetings campers and families, Turnip the cat here! I had the greatest day today, following all the pepper groups around the farm. The morning started as always, with animal chores. The orange peppers helped momma pig and the rabbits. Afterwards, they spent a little extra time with the rabbits in the hayloft. 

After visiting with the rabbits, I headed over to the poultry barn to see what the green peppers were up to. The campers collected both quail and chicken eggs. They also got a chance to hold some of the chickens! 

Right next door, the red peppers cared for the horses. They fed and groomed Mac and Lady. Some other horses stopped at the gate to say hello to campers!

After animal chores, the yellow peppers went on a hike to find a rock good for painting. There were so many to choose from, but they voted on which one was best. Each group painted a rock that will look great in our garden!

A day without rain definitely calls for a wagon ride! Each group got to ride around the farm with Mrs. Jessica behind the wheel. Campers seemed to love hitting every bump along the way!

Because there was not a slip-and-slide today, the yellow peppers decided to help clean the lower barn instead. They swept as well as cleared out a horse pen! The horses love their clean new home.

The green peppers filled this time with parachute activities, while the red peppers played in the hose instead!

In the kitchen today, campers made farmer hash and eggs. Some campers said this recipe deserved “10 million thumbs up”! If you want to make this at home, follow the recipe card or the recipe listed below.

What a great day on the farm! We are so happy the rain held out and we hope tomorrow will be the same. Peace out for now campers, and we will see you back here tomorrow for the last day of Animal Camp!

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