Animal Camp Week 1 Day 3

Greetings everyone, Turnip the cat here! Welcome back to the third day of Animal Camp. This morning, campers took Happy the pig for a walk around the farm. They used leftover food scraps as an incentive to keep him moving.

In the kitchen, the green peppers prepared ingredients for their Stout Cakes. They began by chopping the fruit, then mixing it with sugar. To recreate these cakes at home, follow the recipe card or the recipe listed below!

Due to the rain, sheep shearing was moved into the greenhouse. Campers took turns shearing, and got to keep their piece of wool.

After shearing, the campers took time to wash the wool they collected. The red peppers squeezed this activity in right before the rain hit, while the other peppers did this step indoors.

Campers carded the wool after it was washed. This cleans the fibers and prepares it for spinning!

Time for an afternoon snack! The green peppers enjoyed the cakes they made earlier this morning. This treat was both messy and delicious!

That’s a wrap for day three! Although we had another day of rain, we still had an awesome time processing wool, walking Happy the pig, and making some delicious snacks! Don’t forget to bring your bathing suits tomorrow for some slip-and-slide fun!

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