Animal Camp Week 1 Day 2

Hello everyone, Turnip the cat here! Welcome back to the second day of Animal Camp! This morning, the campers got started with animal chores. In the lower barn, the green peppers fed the calves and goats. They also milked Flo the goat!

After the campers fed me some of Flo’s milk, I scurried off to the horse barn to see what the orange peppers were up to. The peppers fed Mac and Lady, and helped walk them in and out of the barn! Meanwhile, some campers said hello to our other barn cats. On the way out, the peppers stopped by the rabbit cage and took a look inside.

I was taking an afternoon nap when the yellow peppers stopped by the poultry barn. Campers fed the chickens and refilled their water.

Today on the farm, the peppers discussed a cow’s ruminant stomach. The four buckets represent the four stomachs of a cow. Campers stuck their hand in each bucket and tried to guess the correct order.

Campers gave Berry the goat a bath. They also had fun with the hose, and got a chance to cool off!

Down in the garden, the orange peppers picked some radishes for their afternoon snack. They too enjoyed getting sprayed with the hose!

For snack today, campers made pickled vegetables and mint tea. To make this recipe at home, you can follow the recipe card or the recipe listed below.

Animal camp day two was such a blast! Don’t forget to check back daily to see what the peppers are up to!

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