Animal Camp Week 1 Day 1

Hello campers and families! My name is Turnip, and I am one of the barn cats here at Bowers. I was so excited to see all of your smiling faces for the first day of camp! I got a chance to roam the farm, and watch groups busy with activities. The campers are split into four pepper groups: green, yellow, orange, and red.

To start the day campers had a Pepper Party and got to know the members in their group. Each pepper group painted a flag that represents their team.

Then they discussed the C.A.R.E.S. contract and acted out each important behavior: Cooperation, Attitude, Respect, Empathy, and Safety.

Everyday campers will say the Pledge of Allegiance as well as the 4-H Pledge. The kids get a chance to help raise the flag.

“I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living. For my camp, community, country, and my world.”

Then it was time for animal chores. The yellow peppers headed into the barn to milk the goats and feed the animals. I tagged along, hoping to get some spilled milk! 

Morning thunderstorms forced everyone inside, but campers remained hard at work building nests, dissecting eggs, creating compost bins, and cooking delicious snacks!

In the green house, campers assembled nests that would protect an egg in a fall. They used materials found outside, as well as pipe cleaners and clay.

After nest-building, it was time for a snack. The green peppers headed into the garden kitchen to make something to eat. They began by washing lettuce, and drying it in the spinner. Once the lettuce was prepared, campers mixed up a Farm Ranch dressing to go on top. Here is the recipe if you want to recreate this dressing at home!

Campers moved into the lab to dissect some farm fresh eggs. They carefully examined the color, consistency, and structure of their egg.

After lunch, the kids had a chance to throw away food scraps into their decorated compost buckets. They made one for recyclable materials, food scraps, and trash.

To end the day, the kids tie-dyed their camp t-shirts. They each chose different colors and designs to make their shirt unique!

Wow! What a day the kids had, even with all the rain! The first day of camp was such a blast, but now I think I need a cat-nap. If you want to see what the peppers are up to tomorrow and the rest of the week, don't forget to check back for daily posts!

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