5 senses week 4 - day 2

It’s the last day of 5 Senses, but we still had so much to learn about on the farm! We got started with our day quickly so we could fit everything in that the farm has to offer.

We went out to the big garden to harvest some delicious vegetables! We found some beautiful grape tomatoes and harvested some giant, green kale. We discussed the taste, smell, and feel of the vegetables – the campers were pretty brave when harvesting around some prickly plants.

We got to visit our master garden as well where professionals plant beautiful flowers, herbs, and vegetables. We looked at the thyme garden and smelled all the different flavors of time. We even found some monarch and swallowtail butterflies! The coolest plant we found was one that’s leaves smell like buttered popcorn! It made us all really hungry.

Before heading inside to cool off, we even got to jump around on the hay bales – carefully of course.

Then we had a snack and got ready for our next activity. We took paper and a crayon outside where our campers found cool textures to rub onto their paper. The campers found some amazing things on the rocks, benches, and even on the grass!

Then it was time for our final wagon ride. We found an extra shady spot because it was an extra hot day. We filled up on yummy food and drank lots of water! Then we came back and read a story and played a matching game.

Before heading home, we enjoyed our dehydrated fruit that we prepared the previous day. The campers loved the apples and bananas! Unfortunately, there was no time left and we had to say our sad, final goodbyes.

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