5 senses week 4 - day 1

A new group of campers arrived at the farm today to explore and use their 5 senses! Before starting our activities for the day, we went over what the 5 senses are so we could think about them throughout the day – see, touch, taste, hear, and smell.

We then headed out to visit with our animals! We saw the sheep, goats, baby turkeys, and llama in the lower barn! Some of our campers were even brave enough to milk one of the mother goats.

Then our campers were able to meet the potbelly pigs, ponies, our bunny, and the chickens! There was so much fun stuff to learn about the animals and our smart campers were able to answer a lot of questions! We talked about how the animals feel and smell.

After walking around the farm, we headed back inside for some shade. We ate a quick snack and then started our next activity. Our campers prepared fruit for the dehydrator for a yummy snack on day two! They also went out to the raised garden beds to learn about the plants and pull weeds. When we completed those activities, we read a fun farm story!

After all the hard work, it was time to get ready for lunch! We headed out on the wagon and found a shady spot to eat. The wagon ride took us a long way around the farm and we got to see a lot of cool stuff – like the pumpkin patch and community gardens!

Once lunch was over, it was almost time to go home! Not before playing one last game and making some delicious strawberry and banana smoothies! We said, “see you tomorrow” to our tired but happy campers.

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